Get more leads with paid search advertising

Forget having to wait months for website traffic. With paid search advertising, you’ll get on the front page of Google—instantly.

Since Digital Ignitor is certified by Google, we have the skills, resources and specialized knowledge to get your AdWords campaign up and running as soon as we set up your account. Once everything looks good and we kick off your campaign, your ads will appear on Google’s front page and you’ll start seeing more traffic and conversions.

Our paid advertising services include:

  • High-performing display & remarketing ads

  • Landing page optimization

  • Daily tracking & tweaking of bids

  • Competitor analysis

  • Keyword research/lists (includes “negative keywords" list)

  • A/B (split) testing of ads

  • Conversion & revenue tracking

  • Call tracking/reporting

  • Detailed monthly reporting

Why choose Digital Ignitor?

See your PPC performance 24/7

With your own login to our PPC (pay-per-click) dashboard, you can see how your campaigns are performing day to day—allowing you to make better business decisions on your own time.

Get premier products and service

We’re a Google Premier Partner. That’s a big deal—for us and you. It means Google considers us the best when it comes to paid search products and performance. It also means we’re up to date on the latest paid search knowledge and have Google support on speed dial, so we can solve your paid search problems quickly.

Pay only for performance

Rather than charge you based on the size of your account or a flat fee that isn’t fair (like other agencies do), we charge you a percent of your PPC revenue. Nothing more.